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WINSTON-SALEM GETS LICKED BY PPW247 by "Professor" Matt Burns

On March 31st Winston-Salem NC was licked when Power Pro Wrestling 24/7 presented "You Just Been Licked" which featured former WWE and TNA Matt Hardy and the crew from Lizard Lick Towing from Tru tv. Here are the results from that event.

1st Match: Scrapyard Dog w/ Moses Manson vs Mikal Moseley w/ Eboni Nicole. Moses Manson, the head of the infamous Manson Family, accompanied Scrapyard Dog to the ring. After his usual tirade of insults to the Winston-Salem crowd; PPW247 Owner and Promoter, Dick Foley came out to introduce Scrapyard Dog's opponent with a special returning guest. Mikal Moseley came out and with him was the one and only Eboni Nicole. Her return appeared to upset and disturb Scrapyard Dog and Moses Manson. Mikal Moseley took early control of the match but it did not take long for Scrapyard Dog to regain the advantage with a little help from Moses Manson. Just as Moseley had gained the advantage towards victory; Eboni Nicole delivered a low blow shot which allowed Scrapyard Dog to slap on his signature rear-naked clutch to win the match. WINNER: SCRAPYARD DOG.

2nd Match: Tex Mex & Roland Dyce vs Broderick G. McQueen & "Cowboy" Willie Watts: Before the match started Broderick G. McQueen came out with a remote control toy car and stated that no one would take his car. Amy Shirley from Lizard Lick Towing came out and took the car while I stunned Broderick watched, speechless. "Cowboy" Willie Watts joined McQueen in the ring followed by their opponents; Tex Mex and Roland Dyce, Tex Mex and Roland Dyce did their best but on they were unable to overcome the size of Willie Watts and the technique of Broderick G. McQueen who won the match. WINNERS: BRODERICK G. MCQUEEN & WILLIE WATTS.

3rd Match: Mark James vs "Big Bad Bully" D-Mack: Making his PPW247 debut is the Big Bad Bully D Mack. Well over 350 pounds Big Bad Bully was ready for his opponent. "Master of Malice" Mark James came out. James found himself being physically dominated by Big Bad Bully, who used his size and strength advantage very well. Mark James did recuperate and pressed the attack on D Mack. After a flying cross body James executed his famed moonsault but before he could execute a pin, Ali Steele entered the ring attacking James and forcing a disqualification. WINNER BY DQ: MARK JAMES.
4th Match: Legion vs The Thoroughbreds: Making their debut to Power Pro Wrestling 24/7 were two tag teams from CIW (Championship International Wrestling) out of Michigan. The team of Legion with Nitro and Malice) the current CIW Tag Team Champions faced the Thoroughbreds (Kris Covis and Aaron Orion) the former CIW Tag Team Champions. Legion, who had the size and weight advantage over the Thoroughbreds showed their dominance during the match. But the Thoroughbreds showed why they were once the CIW Tag Team Champions. They used their speed as well as some illegal tactics to overcome the size advantage of the larger Legion team. However, Legion regained themselves to eventually beat the Thoroughbreds. WINNERS: LEGION

5th Match: PPW247 Internet Championship Title Match: Scotty Mathews (Champion) vs Ali Steele: This match is a return match from PPW247's last event in Sanford, NC. Scotty Mathews had complained after that match that Ali Steele had not given his best. On this night Ali Steele, accompanied by "Big Bad Bully" D Mack showed that he was going to give his 100% effort in this title match. Mathews' amazing speed and high flying maneuvers did keep Ali Steele on the defensive but only for a small amount of time. Ali Steele, 350 lbs, used his strength and wrestling skills to his advantage. Mathews strategy seemed to be to keep Ali Steele on the defensive. As Mathews prepared to press the attack and gain the win; D Mack jumped up on the ring apron. Though he avoided contact with Ali Steele he could not avoid a super kick from Scotty Mathews but when Mathews returned to the ring he was meant by a "Sky High" sit out power bomb. THE WINNER AND NEW INTERNET CHAMPION: ALI STEELE

6th Match: PPW247 Tag Team Championship Title Match: The Youngbludz (Champions) with Moses Manson vs Dick Foley & "The Boogie Woogie Man" Rob McBride: The PPW247 Tag Team champions, escorted by manager Moses Manson were set to face Rob McBride, who was attacked earlier in the night by his friend and former partner; Tank Lawson. McBride came out alone and it seemed that the Youngbludz were ready for action even if it was to be a handicap match until McBride introduced his tag team partner, Dick Foley. With this surprise the Youngbludz had to change their tactics during the match. McBride and Foley, the veterans in the ring. Their battle against the younger and stronger champions did not deter the challenge from their number one contenders. McBride and Foley applied sleepers on the Youngbludz and became the new tag team champions. WINNERS AND NEW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS DICK FOLEY AND ROB MCBRIDE

7th Match: PPW247 Heavyweight Championship Title Match: "Big Daddy Doom" Michael Devine vs Tank Lawson:  This match was for the PPW247 Heavyweight Championship. Earlier in the night Tank Lawson informed PPW247 Owner and Promoter that his contract guaranteed him a title match and he did not care who it was. However when Heavyweight Champion Michael Devine came out accompanied by the New Internet Champion, Ali Steele and “Big Bad Bully” D Mack; he seemed to have second thoughts. Michael Devine seemed rather confident and why not he had plenty of back up with him. It was clear that Devine had the power advantage. But Tank Lawson turned the tide when he used a foreign object on Devine and then began working on the champion’s leg to cut him down. Devine caught Tank with a side slam and after evading a loaded punch from Tank Lawson; Devine placed Lawson in a submission clutch hold forcing Tank Lawson to tap out. WINNER AND STILL CHAMPION: MICHAEL DEVINE

8th Match: Matt Hardy vs Ty Tyson with Samantha Starr & Moses Manson: This match was the main event of the night. Matt Hardy had an open contract to face any wrestler on the roster. Since everyone had wanted a chance to face Hardy all the wrestler’s names were placed ‘in a hat’ to be chosen by Matt Hardy by drawing a name. The name drawn was Ty Tyson, a member of the Manson Family. Ty Tyson came to the ring with his valet and girlfriend, Samantha Starr, and Manager Moses Manson. Matt Hardy, a former TNA Superstar as well as a former WWE Superstar and Champion was facing a young man who had been making a name for himself through the wrestling world and a former PPW Heavyweight and Internet Champion. Matt Hardy had the edge in experience and knowledge but Ty Tyson kept pace with Matt Hardy in a match that was pretty much a shoot out with each man going hold for hold, move for move. Moses Manson and Samantha Starr at different times became involved in the match enough to give Ty Tyson enough of an advantage over Hardy. Hardy was able to regain control of the match after successfully neutralizing Moses Manson, with a twist of fate before delivering the same to Ty Tyson to end the match. WINNER: MATT HARDY

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Wrassle Me A Kidney Fundraiser for Beth Williamson Mills

There are times when we all will be faced with hardships, hard times and desperate needs. When we need help and hope and pray that help comes. Recently on Facebook I was contacted by professional wrestler and promoter Johnny Lightning asking Wrestling Reporters to help spread the word about a fundraiser called "Wrassle Me A Kidney" the show is being put on to help raise money for a kidney transplant for Beth Williamson Mills.

This inspired us here at Wrestling Reporters and we located more information about Beth Mills as well as the fundraising efforts. We are encouraging all wrestling fans, wrestlers and promoters to consider a contribution even if you can't make the event. All the information is in this report with contact information. This is a time when we all should come together to help someone in need because one day it just maybe us.

Thank you,

Tripp Atkins, Chris Damm, Ringo Richardson, Matt Burns, Tabu Cressley; The Wrestler Reporters. 

The article below is a reprint from WWAY News 3 

ROCKY POINT, NC (WWAY) -- Instead of her two front teeth for Christmas, Rocky Point Primary kindergarten teacher Beth Mills just wants a new Kidney. She has about five percent kidney function.
Dysfunctional kidneys are nothing new for Beth, who has been dealing with these issues since she was a little girl. She had her first surgery when she was a nine year old at Rocky Point Primary, she was in the third grade class of a woman who is now her co-worker and still a friend.
Teacher Linda Eakins recalls being with Beth through the surgery to fix the tube from her kidney to her bladder.
"It was just a very personal, very touching moment," Eakins said. "We prayed for her and watched her come through it and do good, and we're expecting the same thing with this one."
Beth's surgery planned for this summer is more intense though, she now has to replace one of her kidneys. Beth says the process has been full of lots of bad and good, one of the best moments being when she discovered her husband Adam was her perfect match.
Although Beth has a donor and insurance will help with the transplant, the lifelong medication she'll need is a daunting thought.
"The anti-rejection meds are so expensive come post-transplant," Beth said. "They'll be more than what my mortgage is. So we're just trying to raise as much as we can so basically we can stay in our house."
But Beth's family, friends and fellow teachers are helping Beth raise money by hosting events in her honor, giving her and her husband a positive outlook.
Beth is excited to come together with her new kidney. She said she's not scared about the surgery, just looking forward to having energy for the first time in almost 20 years.
"I think I have felt bad for so long, I don't know what it means to feel good," she said. "I'm just super, super excited about the whole process."


South-Atlantic Kidney Transplant Fund
Burgaw, NC
Family and friends of Beth Mills are raising money to pay for uninsured medical expenses associated with kidney transplantation.

Beth has chosen to fundraise with NTAF - The Leader in Fundraising Assistance and Support for Transplant and Catastrophic Injury in part because NTAF provides both tax-deductibility and fiscal accountability to contributors. Contributors can be sure that funds contributed will be used only to pay or reimburse medically-related expenses. To make a contribution to this fundraising campaign:
Make checks payable to:
NTAF South-Atlantic Kidney Transplant Fund

Note in memo section:
In Honor of Beth Mills

Mail to:
150 N. Radnor Chester Road, Suite F-120
Radnor, PA 19087

For secure credit card donations:
Call 800-642-8399 or click the "DONATE NOW" button.

For more information, please contact NTAF at 800-642-8399.

Thanks for your support!

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One on One with Matt Burns; Featuring Dick Foley

[Hello Wrestling fans, this is "The Professor" Matt Burns. On June 25th, 2011 Power Pro Wrestling based out of Sanford, NC suspended, some say, closed its doors as it said good bye to the wrestling fans that were entertained by this great promotion. On February 25th, 2012 Power Pro Wrestling returns to Sanford, NC at the National Guard Armory with it's event "The Boys Are Back In Town". I have the pleasure and honor to interview the man behind Power Pro Wrestling; Your hardcore Hero, Dick Foley. Dick Foley; former Power Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, Tag Team Champion, & Internet Champion. He has been Power Wrestling Commissioner and Power Pro Wrestling Owner. He has been loved, he has been hated but everyone agrees that Dick Foley, is the genius behind the promotion that many say set the standard. He created Power Pro Wrestling Talk, an internet wrestling talk show which began on Blogtalk radio and included co-hosts Mark James, DJ Slash and Big Daddy Hess aka Michael Devine. He was the first promoter in North Carolina to broadcast live Power Pro Wrestling events on Ustream. Love him,hate him; Dick Foley is truly a mastermind.]

Matt Burns: Dick Foley, it is truly, truly an honor to interview you for Wrestling Reporters. I want to get right to it. You and I spoke days after your decision to close the doors of Power Pro Wrestling. For those who didn't know; why did you make the decision to end Power Pro Wrestling? And how tough was that decision to make?
Dick Foley: Wow, starting off with a tough one to begin with...Closing the doors of Power Pro Wrestling was not an easy choice by far, in fact, I didn't tell anyone one I was doing it due to the fact of I know I would have been tried to be talked out of it...One thing people close to me know is, I am headstrong and usually when I make a decission I can't be swayed. Several reasons why played into the decision but I guess the top reasons were...I had just started a new company and I wanted to be able to devote my time and energy to that...I had just turned 50 and wanted to spend more time with my wife and family...A new granddaughter...and I believed PPW had run it's course in Sanford. We ran in Sanford/Carthage and did 3 fair shows a year for 6 years, I guess we did somewhere around 300 shows in that time...That is alot of shows, we had done just about everything and anything a wrestling company can do. It was a privilege and honor to entertain and wrestle for Sanford, Carthage, Seagrove, Dunn, Siler City, Southern Pines, Rockingham and our beach shows at Suck Bang Blow "Myrtle Beach and North River in North Myrtle Beach.

Matt Burns: I mentioned that you closed the doors of Power Pro Wrestling, I guess technically, you suspended regular operations, since PPW ran several fair shows. My next question is this. Besides doing the fair shows what has Dick Foley been doing?
Dick Foley: We did our fairwell show June 25th 2011, it was a great show, my brother who I had not seen in 10 years came in from Tennessee to be apart of the show, and it was a very emotional show to say the least. as far as the fair shows, I had already agreed to do the shows and we just held up our end of the contract and yes the shows were as always "Great" As far as what has Dick Foley been doing? We moved from Sanford to East Bend NC, a town a little NW of Winston Salem, Working on building the new company and honestly missing my friends and fans of the wrestling business.

Matt Burns: Thinking back on the long and I would say, prominent history of Power Pro Wrestling, what are some of the moments in PPW history that you loved and the moments you disliked or had problems with?
Dick Foley: I personally don't think you have eneough space on your recording device there to record all the things I loved about PPW, but I will say this, I have said it before, I mostly treasue the friends I  have made while running PPW, unless you are in this business, you cannot understand that answer. The Wrestlers and fans have been a big part of my life. I really never dreamed that me...doing this Dick Foley character would have been as successful as it has been, I guess with my natural personallity and the Mick Foley image...Dick Foley was and is kinda special, and I see that look on your face...not that kind of special either. The fans loved this character and I think with all the talent past and present, WE, and I said WE made PPW what it was. As far as dislikes...we didn't have alot of problems, but what problems we did have were handled quickly and that saved face with alot of boys and girls in the locker room. We had some talent to get upset and leave, mainly because things didn't go their way...but guess who paid the bills? Some just ran their course with us, and there are others who are still a part of the PPW Family! I can say this the dividing line which was the curtain...everyone handled themselvels professionally once through the curtain, the back always took care of itself and it's business as it needed to be.
Matt Burns: When Power Pro fans last saw you in the ring in Sanford, you were one of many wrestlers in the gigantic and first ever gaunlet match for the Power Pro Wrestling Heavyweight title, where more than a dozen wrestlers that would become champion and former champions. You faced Scrapyard Dog, your old in ring rival. What were you thinking, what was going on in your head during that match, which was the last that time...for Power Pro Wrestling?
Dick Foley: (laughing) 'ole Scrappy Dappy Doo, I just love that guy! Yes Scrap and I have literally beat the crap out of each other, I honestly can't think of us having a bad match until probally the last one, we were both so emotionally involved, we just didn't have it completely together, I remember I did not plan to wrestle that night, Mark James and the Fans made that match. We did it for them! but on the other hand I guess anytime you have a "Hardcore Match" and you can walk away, some things were done correctly. I was very emotional when the locker room emptied and came to the ring for the final moments of PPW, I will never forget that.

Matt Burns: So here is THE question, Dick. Why or rather...What made you...what prompted you to bring Power Pro Wrestling back?
Dick Foley: Stupidity???? maybe I didn't learn my lesson the first time? No..well if you have ever been in a wrestling ring, and heard the boo's or cheers, this business gets in your blood and your life. I am the type of person who has to have something going on all the time, if not I go nuts and usually risk the chance of getting an ass beating from Mama-Kat (Jennifer my wife) and I rather have 10 hardcore matches a day with scrap than one with Mama-Kat!!!!  She's Mean! My business was doing great, matter of fact Mark James and DJ Slash worked with me, we were doing great, building the business and making a little money...then the rug was pulled out from under our feet and we were out of business, we did nothing wrong, just the retail chain store we were working for decided to stop using outside vendors to assemble their products, this happened mid Oct 2011 and really killed Christmas for us. We all took new jobs, DJ is doing his photo career, Mark is working at a fitness center, and I took a job as a on-site manager for a staffing company...My schedule allows me off Fri-Sun, so I thought, New Town, New PPW, what the hell, lets give it a go one more Dicktime and see what happens, and most of all, I get to hang with my friends again and see the fans...I really missed that!

Matt Burns: What should the Power Pro Wrestling fans expect with the return of Power Pro Wrestling? Will things be like they were before or are there new things in store?
Dick Foley: Just how many more questions do you have there? I am getting paid for this right? Nah, just rib'n Ya...nevermind, as good as PPW was, NO things will not be as it was, some of the old faces will be a part of the new PPW which is now being called Power Pro Wrestling 24/7, make a note of that! My plans right now are to run 1 show a month, the 4th Saturdays, and having work with my good friend and promoter of CIW in Michigan, Nitro, I have had the honor to meed some great talent from up north which I plan to start using down here. Names such as Rhino, Kevin Thorn, Paul Bearer, Rosie, Zach Gowen, Nitro, Gideon Malace just to name a few. They all have showed an interest in working with PPW 24/7, We will be the  same in the fact that we will have the best damn promotion once again, just gonna bring in some new faces and push the envelope just a little more...controversy sales...never forget that Mr Matt Burns.

Matt Burns: February 25, 2012 Power Pro returns to Sanford, NC in the National Guard Armory which has been titled "The Boys Are Back". This is a two part question. First, your thoughts on returning to Sanford, NC where PPW has a tremendous history? And second, Do you expect for that night to be as emotional for the fans, wrestlers and yourself as the farewell show was?
Dick Foley: I think every question you have asked me has been a two part question. There is no doubt that February 25th will be a special day..Ok Ok look at me one more time like that when I use the word special!!!!! May I continue now? We do have a big history in Sanford, and I thought it only fitting to start back where we left off. There are a couple tings different  from when the fans last seen us in Sanford, Scrapyard Dog was Heavyweight Champion, now that big mouth Michael Devine is Champion, Scotty Mathews is still Internet Champion, but the shocker...Steven Strick and Nate Robers are Tag Team Champions???  What the hell happened there? As far as being emotional for the fan, I know it will be emotional for me, I am almost positive it will be emotional for the guys comming back, The Fans...I can only hope they are, we have been getting a good response from the fans on twitter and facebook. We will see...we will see!

Matt Burns: Besides all the PPW champions; The Youngbludz (Steven Strick and Nate Roberts) tag team champions, Scotty Mathews (Internet Champion) and Michael Devine (Heavyweight Champion) can you tell me and the fans who else will be on the card for "The Boys are Back"?
Dick Foley: One of the guys who has been with PPW 24/7 Caprice Coleman now has a contract with ROH (ring of honor) I am so proud and happy for him. Caprice and his Tag Team Partner Cedric Alexander will be our special guest that night, we do have the show poster on the website so you can see who else is on the show, This show was booked by me personally to find out where everyone stands with PPW 24/7 and the will be a night you will not want to miss, I can promise you that, but Matt you can miss it if you want to!

Matt Burns: On March 31, 2012 Power Pro Wrestling goes to Winston-Salem for the very first time at the National Guard Armory for "You Just Got Licked" which will feature an appearance from Ronnie, Amy, Bobby and other members of Tru-TV's 'Lizard Lick Towing' reality show as well as seeing in-ring action Matt Hardy, from WWE and TNA. Another two parter for you, Dick. Why Winston-Salem? Second, everyone knows that you and the Hardys are close friends; but how did you come to meet the Lizard Lick crew?
Dick Foley: March 31st 2012...I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS SHOW!!! it is our first time running in what I will call a BIG CITY, usually we run small towns, they are usually a little easier to work up a show, but still being 2 months out from "You Just Got Licked" I haven't even made a scratch. It is a little scary, because I am a perfectionist when it comes to running shows, the possible turnout for this show is unreal, I keep wondering, is the building big eneough, should I look for something bigger, Will Winston Salem accept PPW 24/7, there are alot of other promotions running within 30-50 mile radius...some good, some not so good, and some even worse...but the country saying is "They Ain't Power Pro". I wanted to do something special at this show for the fans so I got hold of Matt Hardy and he was gracious eneough to want to be a part of this show. Who ever Matt's opponent will be will be in the fight of the lifetime, who will that be?...See that should have been one of your questions Mr Matt Burns..(Foley Shakes His Head...Dumb Ass..). Once again thanks to Matt Hardy for being a part of this show! As far as Lizard Lick Towing, Yes I have made some new friends. I met Ronnie, Amy Bobby and Big Juicy at a show I was booked on last year for Rob "Boogie Woogie Man" McBride "I hate guys who do gimmicks" I didn't even know they were gonna be there. I was truely surprised, Being a big fan of the show...yes I marked out...anyhow, me and Mark James were in a tag match and just beat the crap out of some intermission I went to get pics with the crew, and was walking around when Mama-Kat and I were approached by the producers of the show, and was asked if we would be interested in being on the show, they decided not to use Mama-Kat (said she was to nice...oh they have no clue) I was used and Season 2 Episode 5 is now in the history books. I spoke with Ronnie about being apart of our show when I started running again, and he said they would love hence Lizard Lick Towing "You Just Got Licked" March 31st 2012 Winston Salem National Guard Armory...get your tickets online, can't promise any will be left at the door???

Matt Burns: Dick, I know you are very busy, so I will conclude this interview. I want to thank you for your time. Do you have any final words for the fans of Power Pro Wrestling and/or all the wrestling fans out there reading this interview?
Dick Foley: Thats Mr. Foley to you...and it's about time! No just kidding Thanks for having me...What can I say? I am excited about running again, new town, new faces, new product...I am going all out...if you think PPW was something special " watch that look" if you think PPW was something special before...You Have No Ideal what we are getting ready to do. Follow us on twitter and facebook and the website is Power Pro Wrestling 24/7 is back with a vengence!!!!

Matt Burns: Once again thank you Dick Foley. Fans for more information on Power Pro Wrestling events and dates go to  This is "The Professor" Matt Burns saying see you at the show.

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This is 'Professor' Matt Burns with some professional wrestling news & reports to share with you.

Some sad news to share. Quentin Latrell Washington aka Latrell Smooth died on January 20, 2012 in Baltimore, MD after suffering a fatal injury during a training session at the wrestling training facility of former WWE wrestler Duane "Gillberg" Gill. According to sources Quentin Washington was a new trainee at the training academy. He apparently was in the middle of training when he fell and hit his head. Apparently it was a routine bump that resulted in his injury. Authorities said that there were no indications of foul play or any suspicious circumstances connected to this tragic accident. This is a reminder on just how dangerous wrestling can be and how the men and women who train and participate in this sport are taking their lives in their very hands to entertain wrestling fans all over the world....

             If you watched the Royal Rumble this past Sunday there were a few surprises for you. The return of The Great Khali as well as Mick Foley, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Jerry Lawler, 'Road Dogg" Jesse James, Booker T, Michael Cole and Kharma made the Royal Rumble main event interesting. Personally, I think WWE was trying to capture lightning in the bottle again after last years 40 man Royal Rumble saw the return of Kevin Nash and Booker T, who both got tremendous positive reaction when they returned to the WWE. The best match, in my opinion was Dolph Zigler/CM Punk with the triple threat cage match between Bryant/Big Show/Mark Henry as a close second. After that there is really not much more I can say, other than I am glad that I did not have to pay the PPV price to watch it [The Hooters near me showed the Royal Rumble and for the price of some delicious wings, beer and beautiful waitresses]. I have stopped trying to figure out why Vince McMahon and the brain trust at WWE do what they do. I am convinced that when they say "WWE Universe" they are truly in their own universe....

    Speaking of WWE Monday RAW, of course everyone knew that the night after the Royal Rumble, the second to the last PPV before Wrestlemania, that The Undertaker and Triple H would begin the road to "Stop the Streak" with Triple H/Undertaker rematch from last year's Wrestlemania. To me it looked like The Undertaker was a bit off in his appearance and the way he stepped into the ring. He has been out of action since last year's Wrestlemania so there has to be an amount of ring rust. Personally, I think this will be Undertaker's last Wrestlemania and do not be surprised if the Streak remains unbroken. I find the personality change in Daniel Bryant interesting though I am not appreciating his apparent cowardice and opportunistic ways that he is maintaining his title. I am still enjoying Brodis Clay but the time will come when we will want to see more from the Funkasaurus. I think that people are watching WWE programming out of pure absolute habit. Very rarely does the WWE put on anything worth watching. But like a bad car accident or train wreck, I can't look away...

WWE looking like a Fall 2012 launch. Is the world ready for WWE programming all day, all the time? What's next? WWE Radio? There is already WWE Films and WWE is teaming up with You Tube. I have said it before the WWE is 'boutique' wrestling for the elite and fashionable, for the celebrities and movie stars come to be seen and rub elbows with WWE superstars.

TNA/IMPACT WRESTLING has been across the big pond to merry ol' England. There are reports that Hulk Hogan was in action in England. TNA has been pushing this England trip all over Twitter and TNA President, Dixie Carter, seems very pleased with everything. Though I am still a fan of TNA's product [at least they aren't rated PG for TV] I would love and still long for the days of TNA before Hogan, before Bischoff. TNA does have some tremendous talent on it's roster and that talent should be showcased. It was great to see the return of Alex Shelley. I am intrigued by TNA's backing of  Ring Ka King, which is an wrestling promotion in India. I have heard that the talent roster of Ring Ka King, which translates literally as King of the Ring, includes Chavo Guerrero jr, Sonjay Dutt, Scott Steiner, "Nunzio", "Trevor Murdoch" and Luke Gallows to name a few. I will say that TNA...sorry Impact working hard on their overseas market...

Upcoming events for the month of February:

Pro Wrestling eXpress returns to The Wrestleplex on Saturday, February 4th with a 7:30pm belltime located at 2125 Beacon Street, McKeesport, PA 15132. Doors Open at 7pm!

"February Feud" Live Pro Wrestling Hanahan SC

OSCW's first show of 2012.......Mark your calendars!

"February Feud"
Sunday, February 26th
Hanahan Recreation Complex Gym
3100 Mabeline Rd. Hanahan SC
(behind Trident Tech off Rivers Ave. & next to Hanahan Elementary)
Bell Time 6pm (doors open 5pm)

Coastal Plains Championship Wrestling
Saturday, February 4th, 2012
Comision Actividades Infantiles
Mt. Olive, NC
Bell Time: 7pm, Doors open at: 630 pm

Acpw Prowrestlingnc


Saturday Feb 4th - 7:30 pm
Lakewood High School - Salemburg, NC

Power Pro Wrestling 24/7 
Presents: The Boys Are Back In Town
The Sanford National Guard Armory 
2214 Nash St. Sanford, NC 27330
Saturday Febuary 25th
Doors Open 6:00PM
Bell Time 7:00PM

Ticket Prices
Ringside $12.00 Only 70 Ringside Available
General Admission $8.00

One on One with Ringo Featuring ICW Champion, Rhyze

One on One Interview with Ringo Richardson featuring ICW Heavyweight 

Champion Rhyze

Recently Wrestling Reporters Editor-in-Chief, Tripp Atkins conducted a One on One interview with ICW General Manager William Tunney. That interview was posted and several people connected to ICW let their feelings be known. One of them being the Impact Championship Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, Rhyze, so this one on one interview is a rebuttal to William Tunney, GM of ICW.


Ringo Richardson: Rhyze it is a pleasure to conduct this interview with you.

Rhyze: Thank you Ringo for making the time, the pleasure is all mine.

Ringo: Before I begin we begin could you please tell our readers about yourself. How you got into professional wrestling, who trained you and how long have you been with ICW?

Rhyze: For those who don’t know me, my name is Rhyze (pronounced Rise) and I’m the current ICW Heavyweight Champion. I’m called Rhyze because I’m 6’6”, 300 lbs and I’m not scared to take it to the air! I got into professional wrestling, and ICW, about a year ago through a close friend of mine (at the time anyway) in Cold Blood. He showed me the ropes and kind of mentored me as I developed. Too bad he jumped ship.

Ringo: You have certainly showed your loyalty to ICW and you are one of, if not the most popular wrestler in ICW. As ICW Heavyweight Champion how does being a popular wrestler and one that many look to lead the company, how does that affect you? How does it make you feel?

Rhyze: Before giving my feelings, I would like to thank the fans at ICW for continuing to support me. They have been with me from day one, and I feel like I owe them something for sticking with me. Words can’t describe the feeling I get when the crowd roars when my music hits, or how they lift me up during a match if I fall behind. I feel almost invincible when they get going. I try to bottle those emotions and use that as motivation to go out and put on a show for the crowd. Maybe you could say that I’m Samson, and the crowd is my hair.

Ringo: Let’s get to William Tunney, ICW General Manager. It seems that things between yourself and William Tunney took a turn for the worst, one would say, when your title match, which was original promoted as you vs. “Big Daddy Doom” Michael Devine was changed from a Main Event title match to a co-main event sharing billing with Broderick G. McQueen vs. Redman. That resulted in Michael Devine pulling out of the match and replaced by Cold Cash D and your decision not to bring the ICW title belt to the event. I know I said a lot there but could you explain, as fully as you would like your feelings when all this happened and what brought you to the decision to leave the title belt at home for the match against Cold Cash D?

Rhyze: My initial emotion when I seen that I had been replaced in the Main Event (for the second time, back-to-back) was anger. “Who does William think he is, coming in here taking over and automatically pushing the champ to the side?” That’s not a good first impression to make upon entering a new company. But I will admit though, I’m still kind of upset with that decision to pull me from the Main Event. And me not carrying the title out had absolutely nothing to do with Cold Cash D at all; I have nothing but respect for him. I just feel a champion should be treated as such, and until that happens, I won’t act like the champion.

Ringo: There are several ICW wrestlers and some fans who have commented that your decision not to bring the title is a bad decision. Some say that it is you showing disrespect to the title as well as to the sport and your opponent by not bringing the title. How you address those who say that you are actually disrespecting the title and ICW by doing so?

Rhyze: I’ve heard some things of that nature, and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, I only chose not to carry to title with me because it was very clear that the title didn’t hold any weight anymore. When you disrespect your champion, you’re also disrespecting the fans, the company, and the title itself. Me not carrying the title out was actually in defense of them - both the fans and the company! I’ve heard people say respect is earned and so on, but I 100% earned that title – through a tournament to be named the Number One Contender, and then I defeated J-Smooth for the title. So all I expected from William and the guys in the back was to respect that. Ya know, actions speak louder than words, and if I’m not getting a champions’ treatment, then am I really champion?

Ringo: I have to ask you this, Rhyze. Is there anything that William Tunney has done as ICW General Manager that you like or support?

Rhyze: Is there anything William has done as GM that I like or support? Hmm…now THAT is a good question Ringo. The only thing I like that William has done so far is that he got me a new belt…

Ringo: Broderick G. McQueen, of the Sweet Tea Party, seems to be trying to stir up problems between you, Redman and a few others in ICW. What are your thoughts as they concern STP and Broderick G. McQueen?

Rhyze: Currently, I have zero concern for both Broderick and STP. It seems that they thrive off creating as much chaos as possible, and they’re succeeding right now. But, I’m not worried at all with Broderick. Sure he has done a lot in his career and he’s very talented, but you’re only as good as your last match. Last match, I defeated Cold Cash. His last match, he lost.

Ringo: Let’s talk about your upcoming match with Redman. Redman and you are friends. The both of you are set to face each other for the ICW Heavyweight championship. How do you feel about facing Redman? Will your friendship with Redman effect how you will prepare and wrestle your match against him?

Rhyze: My relationship with Redman will not affect my preparation or game plan at all for our match February 18th. If anything, it will intensify it. He knows me, I know him, and we’ve trained together. He has really stepped his game up, and I’ve noticed that. Although he has stepped his game up tremendously, he has been on the receiving end of a lot of dirty stuff lately. You mix that with his talent and his desire to be champion, and you’ve got yourself a dangerous man. Unfortunately for him, his next match is against me.

Ringo: After Redman, who are the next five ICW wrestlers that YOU would like defend the title against?

Rhyze: In no particular order: Cold Blood, Michael Devine, Broderick McQueen, Big Bad Bully, and Ali Steele – I only want the best.

Ringo: I would like to thank you Rhyze for the interview and your time.

Rhyze: No problem Ringo. There are a lot of guys out there, and you made time to sit down and chat with me. Thank you!


Just as this article was sent out Wrestling Reporters learned that ICW General Manager William Tunney announced that the main event title match between Champion Rhyze and Challenger Redman will have a "Special Guest Referee" who has yet to be named. 

Sunday, January 29, 2012

One on One with Tripp Atkins

[This is an One on One interview with the head of Impact Championship Wrestling; Mr. William Tunney. Impact Championship Wrestling is a growing wrestling company based out of Smithfield NC. The promotion has garnered its share of attention and it's new executive has garnered his share of controversy. Here is the full interview conducted by me, Tripp Atkins]

Tripp Atkins: Mr. Tunney, I would like to thank you for agreeing to this interview. I would like to begin the interview talking about ICW. Impact Championship Wrestling. How did ICW get started?

Tunney: No Problem Mr. Atkins, ICW from what I saw got started around 2004 with a bunch of hungry young wrestlers looking to make a name for themselves on the Indies scene.

Atkins: Prior to you coming aboard to run ICW, things seemed to be a bit out of control. What were some of the problems that you had to deal with?

Tunney: Yes things were a bit out of control when I stepped in as the new man in charge, Some of the problems were "Direction" They had none of it, They were on the right path but, not quite there yet, so I stepped in to make sure it will go where it needs to be.

Atkins: Mr. Tunney, there had been a great deal of concern from ICW fans and wrestlers about your recent decisions mainly as they concern the STP (Sweet Tea Party). It is believed that you are loyal, more loyal to the STP than ICW. How do you address that?

Tunney: Yes, I’ve been hit hard with phone calls, emails, I've even had threats made to me about how things are going now, It's like this, It's not that I'm more loyal to "STP" than I am to "ICW" It's that I know what works and what will not in this business I've been in the Professional Wrestling Business for a very long time, and I've Seen a lot, been with a lot of Promotions and saw what worked and what didn't work. "STP" Has that "IT" Factor, when Broderick G. McQueen was signed I knew he would be the main attraction, With his background and what he has done for this business it was a no brainer on what I needed to do, ICW Is growing and If they stick together they to will have the "IT" Factor but It seems over 90% of the ICW Roster has personal issues with each other and can not work together to take on STP before It takes over ICW and the way It's going now it will not be long.

Atkins: ICW Heavyweight Champion; Rhyze, as made claim that ICW management, You, do not respect ICW nor him as champion. He has said that he will not bring the ICW title with him until the championship and ICW is treated with respect. What is your response to Rhyze and his actions?

Tunney: Yes, I have seen that Rhyze is not to happy with me at the moment, He has it all wrong, I do Respect The champion, He's the Top man in ICW right now, And I understand how he feels and do not blame him for leaving the title at home, There's reasons for everything Mr. Atkins, As of now Rhyze has a brand new ICW Heavyweight Championship around his waist, In the Office we made the decision to drop the old title and bring in a brand new one, In time I think he will understand why I did what I did.

Atkins: There have been several wrestlers and fans who have called for you to step down. Mike Fortune of Profitt has campaigned to replace you. Michael Devine from MSD has even made demands against you. Do you have plans in stepping down and how do you address those who want you to?

Tunney: Point Blank, I'm not stepping down from "Office" I'm under contract for one full year to Help build this company and if The President of ICW Does not think I'm doing the job when my contract expires then we will go from there, But until then I'm not going anywhere.

Atkins: ICW is currently holding a tournament to crown a new light heavyweight champion and the tag team division is growing very competitive. Where do you see ICW's future from this point forward?

Tunney: Yes. The ICW Lightweight Tournament was my idea to showcase Wrestling’s best Lightweights around the globe, its very interesting watching these quick young men show everybody what they got in that ring, Its something special to see. The Tag team division is growing by the day, and that's what I wanted to see which makes for great matches to see who the best tag team is in ICW I'm looking forward to it. The future is waiting for us, I see ICW being at the top of the Independent scene in 2012 nothing but great things for this Company, like I said Before fasten your seat belts and Get ready for some "IMPACT"!!!

Atkins: Thank you Mr. Tunney for your time.

 Tunney: No Problem Mr. Atkins It was my pleasure

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Independent Wrestling Promotions Building Community by Ringo Richardson

I became a professional wrestling fan back in the 70's when I would sit on the floor of my grandparent's house with my brother and sister on Saturdays waiting for Mid-Atlantic Championship wrestling to come on. It was an exciting hour watching wrestlers like Blackjack Mulligan, Ric Flair, Rufus R "Freight train" Jones, Greg Valentine, Paul Jones, Chief Wahoo McDaniels and Johnny Weaver. I remember Monday nights going to the Greenville Memorial Auditorium which was a regular Monday night tradition or when we would make a special trip to Columbia to go to the Township Auditorium or slide next door to the Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium. Between my grandparents, Uncles and cousins I think we spent just about as much time on the road going to wrestling matches as the wrestlers did. We loved it. In those days wrestling was not in your home 24/7. Going to your local arena, auditorium, civic center, or high school to see professional wrestling was not just another outing, it was an event. It was an event that brought generations of families together. It was an event that brought neighbors and communities together. While you sat there waiting for the action to begin; you would talk to a fellow fan, who could be a stranger, and instantly bond; you knew their life story. During that time everyone in the place was one big, happy wrestling family. Those were the days.

After watching the mess that WWE and TNA have been putting out; where do you go for that feeling again? When you go to a WWE or TNA event you are surrounding by a crowd of people but unlike the days when I would go there was something missing, not to say that there isn't a closeness but I felt I was in a mob of people that at times did not feel friendly to me. The whole feel of the event with pyro, loud music, the flash and the flair did not have me feeling like I did when I was a kid back in Greenville, SC watching it live. Today going to WWE or TNA live events or even their TV tapings I feel overwhelmed and honestly not comfortable at all. Like any minute there could be a riot and I would be one of many victims. When I was a kid I use to linger to the last to leave just to get a last look at that ring in hopes of glimpsing one of my favorite wrestlers one more time. At the TNA and WWE events I can't wait to get out of there. Ironically, it was last year, when I was at an event for Old School Championship Wrestling in Goose Creek doing an article. This lady next to me tapped me on the shoulder, she was probably in her sixties. She gave me a smile and told me how much she enjoyed OSCW. How she never missed a show and how for four years she had been coming and bringing her grandkids. "I want them to experience what I did when I was a little girl." In minutes, which felt like longer, she told me her life story and as I listened I felt it again. That feeling that I had when I was a kid. Watching total strangers share their lives all around their love for professional wrestling. She told me she did not allow her grandkids to watch WWE. She said it didn't feel like the professional wrestling she remembered. I had to agree with her and right then and there I watched the OSCW show, not like a reporter covering wrestling but a fan. The fan in me enjoyed the show. The fan in me for that time was transported back as I listened to the nice lady, Emily, sitting next to me with her grandsons; Cody and Ryan, scream like her grandsons when their favorite wrestler came out and boo like crazy when the one they hated entered the ring. I looked around and their were smiles and friendship. People chatted like old friends who had come together for a neighborhood cook out. I could hear my grandfather, good rest his soul, describing the action to my younger brother. I could feel my grandmother, may she too rest in peace, hold my hand as she watched a young Ricky Steamboat when his match. I could see my sister, brother and I running around during intermission. I found the feeling, I found the place and it was not at a WWE event or TNA but right in Goose Creek SC and places like it around the country where independent wrestling promotions are bringing back not just professional wrestling but the true professional wrestling community.

Independent wrestling promotions do not, at least not many of them, have the mega million dollar productions, that TNA and WWE have. Independent wrestling promotions for the most part is run top to bottom by one person; who does everything for the promotion. Independent promotions are the "mom and pop" general store to the huge "Wal-Mart" style super-center that is WWE and TNA. Where the WWE has "superstars" with million dollar contracts. The independent promotions have professional wrestlers, who are hungry and who love this sport, this business and it's fans. The independent promotions brings families together, gathers the community and creates something that WWE and TNA can not recreate; a real community. How? I will explain.

All most all independent promotions are in the same building every week, bi-monthly or monthly. The building become apart of the promotion and the feeling of familiar surroundings for the fans. The promotions talent roster is not as large as WWE and TNA so the fans will see their favorites on a regular basis. They become attached to them, know them and love them. If one of their favorites is not wrestling that night there is a sense of loss. The independent promotions provide fans more opportunities for fans to mix and mingle with their favorite professional wrestler, which little kids and many wrestlers love. Without all the overwhelming million dollar production that TNA offers, the independent promotions allow for the wrestling fans to actually see the wrestlers and the wrestling. And in the two, three and I have seen four hours the fans are in the building, watching their favorites or hated in the ring, those fans begin to bond and become a community. A community so strong that if a certain fan is not presence the others want to know what happened. They become friends, their families bond and connect, there have even been romances that have bloomed into marriages.

Now, I am not trying to take anything away from the "WWE Universe" and TNA or any other major promotion. It just seems to me and to paraphrase Emily. "I want my kids to experience professional wrestling the way I did."